Shumba Arts offer high quality, creative experiences in drumming, music, dance, song and crafts

for schools, colleges, universities, business and community groups.

At the heart of our work is a passion for the transformative power of celebratory culture. 

We draw upon our extensive knowledge of rhythms, dances, songs and music from the African Diaspora

to create workshops that build self-confidence, teamwork, self-expression and ignite a passion for life! 


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Whether you are looking to explore a taste of African, Brazilian or Cuban music and culture, or just have a fun and enriching rhythmic experience, our drumming workshops will bring you into the groove.


Bath Spa University.Dancer Marenje Ensen

Dance is vital to our health and wellbeing.  Through our workshops young people develop their kinaesthetic sense, their sense of themselves in the world, and the power of community and celebration!


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A traditional instrument from Zimbabwe, mbira music is magical, deep and sweet, guaranteed to bring people together, calm the mind and open the heart

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This magnificent 8-piece orchestra marry the kaleidoscopic patterns of Zimbabwean mbira music
with Celtic Folk melodies and Western Classical instruments