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Enlivening Culture

Enlivening Culture brings cultural activities to life through workshops in west African rhythm, dance and song. 


England has a history of involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, part of a legacy of colonialism which has degraded many cultural traditions from the African diaspora.  Enlivening Culture offers a direct experience of the vitality and history of these traditions in an accessible and enjoyable way that supports physical and mental well-being, community connection and offers an experience of belonging.


The workshop includes warm up activities, an introduction to west African drum & dance, space for creative exploration, and discussion around the history and meaning of the traditions and how they relate to life in the UK.


Open to all ages and abilities

Suitable for 10 - 30 participants

1 – 3 hours in duration

2 workshop leaders & 1 supporting musician

Fee £400 plus travel from Devon

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