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Rhythmic Heart

Strong times call for strong hearts. When we bring our hearts together in rhythm, we affirm our solidarity, our resilience, our empowerment, and we open a space in which to listen deeply and lift up the prayers being prayed through us.

At Rhythmic Heart we come home to our embodied selves, and lean into our connection to the land, and the intelligence of rhythms, dances and songs from West Africa. These traditions know how to re-connect us to our vitality and our joy as a potent route to profound well-being as we come together as tribe.

The workshops include an embodied movement warm up, west African dance & song, west African drumming, creative rhythmic exploration, bringing it all together in a celebration of life through rhythm.

Open to all ages but aimed at adults

Suitable for 12 – 30 participants. 

Available as a half day or full day workshop. 

2 workshop leaders & 2 supporting musicians. 


Half day £600 plus travel from Devon.  

Full day £800 plus travel from Devon

"This is the medicine we need. There is not a moment in my life when I don't need this medicine" Previous Participant

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