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Shumba Arts workshops are fully participative, engaging, educational and fun! Our workshops are designed to compliment the National Curriculum and can be tailored to fit with topics covered in music, geography, history, religious studies as well as sports, fitness and health.  Engaging in the creative arts is well known to increase a child’s self-confidence, well-being and sense of achievement and will make an exciting contribution to a thriving school environment.


All of our work aims to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and to equip them with knowledge about diverse places, people and human environments.  As part of our workshops we can include assembly demonstrations/performances and sharing opportunities.


Our workshops also promote the EveryChildMatters outcomes, encouraging active lifestyles, creating a sense of responsibility for self and others, promoting positive behavior, team work and co-operation.


Recent workshops include:


* African drumming, dance, song and body



* Junk percussion


* World music/bicycle percussion + song on the

  theme of TRANSPORT


*Child-led creative movement on the theme of



*Dance+movement on the theme of STAGES



* Drumming on the theme of THE EQUATOR


Key Stages 1 + 2    


At Key Stage 1, our drumming and rhythm based workshops allow young musicians to begin to feel their own potential.  Drumming allows all children to instantly produce music, without needing extensive practice + individual supervision.  Drumming facilitates embodied experience of the simple building blocks of rhythm and the drum circle provides the ideal space for listening, improvisation and cooperation. Using story, movement and song, the children can be transported to a place where the sound and rhythms of the instruments they are playing, take on meaning and they are able to listen and respond to one another


At this stage our singing workshops will help teachers to meet the National Curriculum requirements for children to ‘use their voices expressively and creatively’ and to experiment creatively with sounds using different dimensions for music.


African dance and creative movement workshops will encourage young children to extend their agility, balance and coordination.  Simple movement patterns are used in conjunction with creative space for play and imagination.


At Key Stage 2 level our music workshops provide fantastic inspiration for improvisation and composition, while helping children to develop their aural memory and ensemble playing skills with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression.  At this stage African dance and movement will further allow children to develop flexibility, strength and balance, using a range of movement patterns.


Key Stage 3 + 4


This is where we can really help students to fly!  In consultation with schools we develop workshop programs to really meet pupils needs for learning and development.  


We begin to explore polyrhythm, unisolo breaks, and gain understanding of the roles of the different drums and instruments in the ensemble.


At Key Stage 4 we start to look more at technique, and through playing polyrhythmic patterns, pupils can begin to improvise, and compose their own rhythms.


Through dance young people gain access to both a core artistic discipline and they develop skills in physical interaction, team working, verbal and non-verbal communication of ideas and emotions, and in musicality and creativity. Dance can improve self-esteem and confidence; it can widen aspiration and help tackle obesity and other health issues.


6th form and beyond - At this stage we can really look into the specifics of certain rhythms and genres, the conversations between instruments and the use of solo's and improvisation.


Please email us to discuss your specific requirements.




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"Allan’s subject knowledge is of a high order which allows him to plan effectively and adapt quickly to fit the children’s needs on the day, showing excellent responsiveness to the pupils’ understanding."


Rosemary Flemming, Willow Tree School, head of music.


"The whole workshop was brilliant and very stimulating. The children actively embraced the experience. The music, rhythms and dances allowed the children a glimpse of traditional music very different from their own"

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