Musician & Vocal Coach

Bella has been singing and drumming for nearly as long as she can 

remember.  She has a 1st honours degree in Ethnomusicology from 

SOAS, and has trained in The Gambia and Zimbabwe.

A sensitive and enthusiastic teacher, she has a wonderful 

repertoire of songs from around the world, which she loves to share 

with students of all ages.

Bella specialises in cross-cultural collaboration, with a particular leaning towards African music+ English folk. She teaches vocal improvisation and is passionate about supporting people to come into relationship with their bodies as an instrument and their voice as a unique expression of themselves. She also runs workshops exploring the connection between voice and land, and support people to find freedom and depth in their singing and explore dynamic ways of collaborating with others.

Mother of three young girls and founder of Singing Sistas, world music 

singing groups for mothers of pre-school children, Bella is passionate 

about exposing children to high quality, multi-cultural musical 


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