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"One Family, One Planet"

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We are committed to building strong relationships with people and places in Africa. We focus our energy and attention on supporting Musicians and Artists as well as helping to create spaces for multi-cultural events and exchanges to happen. Our projects so far have yielded benefits for both local people and those from further afield,  from fully grown coconut and mango trees in Essau, The Gambia, to the first recording of the Chiriseri musicians in Zimbabwe.


In 2016 and 2017 we have been following up on the Chiriseri Mbira Project in Zimbabwe and facilitating visits to the Village there where we support ongoing tree planting projects.  We are also raising money for a Garden+Arts centre project in the Gambia, helping to provide fencing materials and a borehole for clean water.


Check it out here.....Kankeling Garden - The Gambia




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