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"One Family, One Planet"

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The Gambia


Kankeling Garden lies on the estuary on the north bank of the river Gambia. When we started the Garden in 1998 there were a few trees and mainly unused scrub land. Now we have two wells, different types of mature fruit trees, a house for the caretaker and family, and a good area for growing vegetables.The garden is currently used by 5 local families to grow food for their own use and for the local market.


We have also been working with various musicians and craftspeople who have come to teach, and work at Kankeling. In the Mandinka language, kankeling means 'as One' or 'to cooperate'.

The idea behind our involvement is to work closely with the people there, and to help facilitate a tree nursery, substainable organic gardening, and to create a centre for both local people and visitors from outside Africa to enjoy the amazing music and culture that happens in the Gambia.


On Oct 23rd 2015 we ran a short crowdfunder, which raised money to pay for some basic guest accomodation and to maintain the garden wells and fences. These two things mean that we can invite people from the UK and elsewhere to come and stay, which in turn helps to make the project sustainable, and to grow. To support the project further we are thankful for any donations, and for more info about how you can get involved please contact Allan.